Large Abstracts in Oil

This is series of large abstracted images based on sketches, drawings and photographs made on a visit to Rome. The subjects are varied and include swimming pools, beach still life's and aspects of the Protestant Cemetery on the outskirts of the city. These are not true abstract works and recognisable motifs can be seen to a greater or lesser extent in each of them.

Image Sizes

Title Size
Flow 145cm x 55cm £750
Prot Cem (Masks) 140cm x 200cm £750
Prot Cem (Gates) 140cm x 90cm £750
Prot Cem (Wasp) 120cm x 50cm £750
Prot Cem (Flags) 190cm x 100cm £750
Prot Cem (Rain) 80cm x 180cm £750
Swimming Pool 130cm x 200cm £750
Sea Fruits 78cm x 214cm £750
Swimmer 90cm x 200cm £750
Swingboat 100cm x 76cm £750

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