Five very different paintings, These were all made in response to a visit to Andalusia in Easter 2004. 'Non a La Guerra' ('No to the War') was splashed over the walls in Seville, Cordoba and Granada as a protest to the Iraq war.

Often these words were painted on past layers of graffiti. 'Seville Landing' is just that - the richly textured patchwork landscape, seen prior to landing in the city. 'Alhambra Gardens' looks at a quite corner away from the formal layout of flower beds and fountains.

'Convent' juxtaposes an ancient Saints head and a computer mouse, the whole interior flooded in the hot silence of a summer morning, while 'Museum' celebrates the rich and varied patterns of an interior on the Andalusian coast.

All paintings in this series are 75cm x 75cm, except for Alhambra Garden and Museum Garden which are 96cm x 96cm.

All are acrylic on canvas. View prices.

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